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  Athelstane's Corner
(Oct 31, 2006)   Opening Dusk
Please read this important discussion in the forums.

(Jul 7, 2005)   Boards Back
The discussion forums are finally back online.

(Jun 6, 2005)   Exp Economy
I thought that the effect of the experience economy would be obivous: NPCs which are defeated often are devalued, encouraging diversity and exploration. Many of you, however, have not quite seem to have caught on to this. :) Check out the expanded help entry on the subject for a full explanation.

(Mar 1, 2005)   Specializing
It was always my intention to make playing three (or even more) skill groups part of the game. It never quite worked out that way, but I think specialization could change that. I'll be curious to see if it works.

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(26 October, 2013)   Welcome to the Ocho
Version 8 is here! For anyone who hasn't had a chance to follow the forums, there is a lot of new content and some great additions to the overall gameplay experience. You can read about many of them here.

(13 October, 2013)   The End is Nigh
The current version will end this week, with a new version beginning soon after. More info in this thread.

(26 October, 2012)   You see here the corpse of a lag beast.
The monstrous lag associated with getting and dropping items in faction territory has been eradicated from the world! We attempted to dissect the corpse for use in a nasty brew, but were only able to extract 1s and 0s.

(24 October, 2012)   New Area, New Skill
A new area, written by Zhu, has been opened. It introduces a ton of new content and has a lot of cool intricacies. Also, a new rank 3 gladiator skill was added, so check it out. Look for a related ability to show up soon!

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