Dusk Builder Application
An application to become a builder for Blood Dusk MUD follows. If you have not played before, please visit the mud's main site to connect and acquaint yourself.

In addition to familiarity with the Dusk world, builders are expected to have solid writing skills and at least one unique area idea. Dusk is a mud that is about quality, and standards for areas (and their creators) are high. The application will give me a chance to review your qualifications and, if it looks like you've got some potential, you'll get access to the Dusk builder documentation and can begin working on your area.

The more detail you give for each answer the better I can judge how suitable you'll be to build for Dusk. At the same time, you don't have to write a novel - just as much as you think is appropriate.

Please note that becoming a builder on Dusk does not offer an immortal character on the production game server, access to existing area files, or anything other than the chance to build for one of the most unique online games around.

If you would prefer, you can put your answers into an email and send them to admin [at] dusk [dot] org.

I appreciate you taking the time to fill out this application, as well as your desire to contribute to Dusk. Good luck!

What is the name of your account and/or notable characters on Dusk? (If you've played more than one version, you're welcome to mention past accounts and characters.)
Write an overview of an area you might like to build. (You can list multiple area ideas if you want.)
Write a description for a room, object, or character that might appear in your area. (As before, you can do more than one if you want.)
Have you built for other muds before? If so, please list the name(s) of the muds and the name(s) of the area(s). You can also cut and paste some of your area descriptions if you have them.
List a few of your favorite fiction books and what you like about them.
Use this space to fill in anything else you might have to say on the subject of building for Dusk.
Enter your email address: