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skill groups

sh: 1: convert: not found BrawlerBrawlers are rowdy, beer-guzzling types always ready for a round of fist-o-cuffs.
 GladiatorBred for the championship pits, gladiators have the ability to use almost any weapon or piece of armor.
 StaffStaff fighters wield long bo staves, with which they can attack and defend at long range.
 FencerSkilled, lightning-fast attacks with a sharp blade are the halmark of the fencer.
 TaokenQuiet but highly effective, taoken fighters use their bare hands and feet as highly effective weapons.
 SoldierSoldiers are the battle tanks of Dusk.
 KniferQuick and deadly, knifers fight with sharp, fast blades.
 BerserkerBerserkers are a formidable foe indeed, feared throughout the land.
 WardancerWardancers intimidate and confuse their opponents with their savage machinations.
 WrestlerUnarmed combat using holds, jointlocks, and pins.
 SpecterSpecters fatigue their foes with precise, light blows.
 CraftsmanshipKnowledge of smithing and carpentry to repair damaged equipment or forge new weapons and armor.
 MusicBards bear the oral tradition of music and narrative, shaping the minds & hearts of mankind.
 TheologyPriests carry the good word to the heathen masses, drawing strength from their god.
 WitchcraftFeared by the populace and hated by the Church, witches bend the forces of nature to their will with their dark arts.
 MedicineMedicine is a well-respected field in the community, for doctors furnish the much-needed medical care to a citizenry who seems to find itself in armed combat with great frequency.
 StealthThis cunning art teaches a diverse set of skills including silent movement, lockpicking, and pocket-picking.
 ApocruphycAn order of silent and mysterious shadow monks, excommunicated from the Church for their dabbling in the occult.
 BeastmasteryCommune with the beasts of the land and sky to form bonds and gain their aid in times of need.

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