Blood Dusk MUD
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telnet 7000

You can connect to Dusk by using a terminal program that handles telnet connections. The hostname is and the port number is 7000. If you are on a UNIX-based system (Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X, Solaris, etc) you need only get a shell prompt and then type the command shown above. If you are on another platform, please consult the chart below.
PlatformTerminal Apps
Mac OS XNiftyTelnet
MS WindowsPutty
MUD clients have many more features than terminal apps and are generally more user friendly. There is a wide variety of shareware that you can obtain for a fairly cheap price. You can connect to Dusk through the client the same way you would through a terminal app: hostname and port 7000.
Mac OS XSavitar
MS WindowsZmud
If you are a little short on cash, there are many free clients available. Freeware clients may not have as many features as the shareware alternative might have, but will certainly get the job done.
Mac OS XMudMagic
MS WindowsGmud
* Users of GNOME 2.0's terminal please note: there is a bug which affects Dusk's fullscreen mode. Please run 'screen' before you telnet to the mud in order to work around this issue.

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