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Athelstane's corner

(Oct 31, 2006)   Opening Dusk
Please read this important discussion in the forums.

(Jul 7, 2005)   Boards Back
The discussion forums are finally back online.

(Jun 6, 2005)   Exp Economy
I thought that the effect of the experience economy would be obivous: NPCs which are defeated often are devalued, encouraging diversity and exploration. Many of you, however, have not quite seem to have caught on to this. :) Check out the expanded help entry on the subject for a full explanation.

(Mar 1, 2005)   Specializing
It was always my intention to make playing three (or even more) skill groups part of the game. It never quite worked out that way, but I think specialization could change that. I'll be curious to see if it works.

(Apr 7, 2004)   Character Sketches
The talented Dan Santat is creating a series of drawings of the Dusk character types. Check out his first completed piece, a brawler.

(Mar 5, 2004)   Playerbase Wipe
I'm glad you all voted for a wipe of the player file. I think a clean slate will be a great way to bring Dusk back to its former glory, since everyone starts on a level playing field. I look forward to seeing an army of rank 1 brawlers on Saturday!

(Dec 28, 2003)   Return of the Imp
Hi folks. I know I've been gone for a while...a long while. The good news is that I have spent the last few months working on major new enhancements for Dusk; check out the news item to the right. Moreover, I'll keep you up-to-date on my doings through this additional news feed.

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