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Postby Ravel » Fri Sep 13, 2013 12:24 pm

I actually like the idea of having psygems implanted into your body for an experience cost. Player supplies the gem it get's implanted. If it takes up a slot, for example you implant it into your wrist, you can still put all of the psygems there so you only lose one slot. If it doesn't take a slot then it works the same.

First implant could be 75k -- implant a ruby; second implant could be 150k -- implant an opal; third could be 225k and so on. I believe there are 5 different channels, though one is admin only.
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Re: Looking For Ideas...

Postby roushguy » Sat Sep 21, 2013 5:19 am

After having seen Golgor's traps in Brimstone Keep, forever ago, I was suddenly seized upon by the idea of having a kobold fortress somewhere near the mines. Kobolds would keep in Dusk's ultralite fantasy theme, being hyperparanoid trap masters. All I'd really beg to see in the area for certain though, is a ladderpult.
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Re: Looking For Ideas...

Postby Ravel » Sun Oct 27, 2013 3:00 pm

A think a change to the experience economy would be welcomed and greatly appreciated by new players and old alike.

Npcs would grant 100% Exp to Rank 1(no exp loss on defeat)
Npcs would grant 50% Exp or the natural drain amount to Rank 2 (250 exp loss on defeat), whichever is the higher amount
Npcs would grant 25% Exp or the natural drain amount to Rank 3 (1000 exp loss on defeat), whichever is the higher amount
Npcs would grant the natural drain amount to Rank 4 (2500 exp loss on defeat)

Grouping take the above formula for the highest member of the party and then splits it like normal.
two r1's and an r2 beat up the whaler captain worth 318 exp (currently below the 50% mark), so it gets buffed up to 400 and everyone gets 133.

This will help new players especially, as well as new characters for the older players, in getting the experience needed without it being a horrible grind fest. But it'll also keep r3's and r4's from farming massive amounts of experience.

While talking over how the exp economy works with my wife, she came up with a suggestion I was rather found of.

Make the Exp Economy be on a character to character basis. It still encourages characters of all ranks to train on a diverse group of npcs, but just because Emily (love you) want to farm the slaughterhouse to 1exp each, doesn't mean she ruins it for everyone else.

As far as grouping, each player gets what they normally would have then it's divided for how many players are in the group.
Example: Ravel and Jakobi are in a group, a slavedriver is worth 200 exp for Ravel, and 150 exp for Jakobi. After winning Ravel gets 100exp (200/2) and Jakobi gets 75exp (150/2)

Any comments?
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Re: Looking For Ideas...

Postby Ashteroth » Sun Oct 27, 2013 9:56 pm

Interesting ideas, for sure. I am somewhat drawn to them because grinding get's tiresome, but we grind to skill up as well. He'd need to address both problems, because it doesn't resolve the entire grinding problem. Skill system would need an entire revamp on how skills are gained, kept, distributed, etc. Also, should blood dusk return to a former glory or better, the current system would rock-it-out because it would encourage groups and sometimes large groups to do some dirty work. Then again, I've never felt 'encouraged because we'd need to grind the tough areas to return the exp to weaker npcs.

For now, I wouldn't mind making the exp spread more quickly from tough areas to weak areas. For instance, Everyone in town is grinded to 1xp each. So everyone leaves them alone and xp begins to trickle back to the weaker npcs over time. Also, should we go to Judan's lair, every enemy defeated there returns 50% xp to weaker areas. Several thousand experience could be returned to weaker areas in a single run. I think this would create a greater desire to run tougher areas to bring xp back to town. We'll know we can 'change the world' dynamically with a trip to these monsters.
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Re: Looking For Ideas...

Postby Helix » Thu Apr 03, 2014 8:18 pm

So I've noticed a few new guys roll in and quickly lose all interest. One even said he felt too much like a sailor...So I was thinking that if there was a way for the "Newbie Notes" to lead players off towards other preselected careers to show that we're all not a bunch of drunken d-bags throwin down in the local bars could be a good thing. Just an idea.
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Re: Looking For Ideas...

Postby Basbury » Mon Jan 21, 2019 11:25 am

Did this community try Discord as an idea to try to revitalize the player base?
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