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Blood Dusk Templates

Postby Ravel » Sun Jan 24, 2016 5:01 pm

So after Arslajin allowed us to use two accounts at one time (this power could still be revoked at any point), I decided to make my experience easier to handle when doing so. I have since developed a lot of tools that go make multi-logging much smoother in Blood Dusk. Now I personally use MUSHClient when I play, so everything I've done is set up in MUSHClient. The templates that I'm going to be putting up for anyone to download allow you to control either account from the other, control both accounts at once, and will even record a lot of the chatting that goes on for easy looking over. I also included a few sound files that I use for some of my triggers.

Now there is a bit of work you'll have to do on your end, and unless you guys request it I can give you word instructions but I'm lazy and don't want to do step by step image instructions. If you guys need image instructions I'll do it though.

You can download the Zip file with everything you need here -- ...


Step 1: Download File

Step 2: Extract Folder to the MUSHClient directory

Step 3: Move the "Blood Dusk 1.mcl" and "Blood Dusk 2.mcl" files to your "Worlds" folder in the MUSHClient Directory

Step 4: Open "Blood Dusk 1" in MUSHClient.



When you first open the world it's going to give you some errors, that is because some of the plugins and script files are still setup to run off of where I have them set on my computer, your computer will be different.

Step 1: In the top left-hand corner select File - > Plugins - > Add
Step 1-A: You'll be adding the Chat_Capture_Miniwindow.xml and adding the AutoSave.xml files as plugins, they will be located in the MUSHClient\Blood Dusk Information\ folder.

Step 2: Open up the scripting window (Shift + Ctrl + 6) and configure the scripting settings. Language should be Lua. Prefix should be "." (Just a single period, nothing else).
You want to make sure scripting is enabled. Finally you'll browse for the script file, it will tell you there is already one there -- ignore that and browse for the new one anyways.
The file name is "coroutine.lua" and will be in the MUSHClient\Blood Dusk Information\ folder.

Step 3: Auto-Login. This is not a requirement I'm just lazy at the top select Game - > Configure -> Connecting
Step 3-A: Name: will be your account name, Password: will be your password, and Connect: will be "Diku-style (name, password)"

Step 4: Setting up sound files. This part is a bit more time consuming and some of you may not even want sound effects in your game, I play Blood Dusk while doing other things and the
sounds tell me when certain effects have happened. Sadly the easiest way for you to update the sound files is to go through every included trigger one at a time and just redirect
to the new file path. For example, the included trigger in "Blood Dusk 1" that is titled "You gain * experience points." has the file path E:\My Documents\MUSHclient\Blood Dusk Information\tada.wav"
which is where it's located on my computer. All you need to do is hit browse and navigate to the MUSHClient\Blood Dusk Information\ folder you set up earlier and select the tada.wav
file. Then for each other trigger just repeat the process but selecting the appropriate file. One of them is a really world sound file I didn't include, I haven't updated that trigger in years
and I just use the error sound that Windows automatically generates but you can change it.


Here is an example of my setup, which is also included in the Zip folder.

Let me know if you have any questions.
- Ravel
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Re: Blood Dusk Templates

Postby Needham » Thu Jun 14, 2018 11:14 am

Hi Ravel, are these installation instructions still good? I can't get the sound to work for some reason.
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Re: Blood Dusk Templates

Postby jonan » Fri May 10, 2024 1:53 pm

for TinTin++/WinTin++ users here's my sample main.tin file to make grouping with your alt a little easier. and ofc autologin. Thrown together in like 6 minutes in collaboration with Ashteroth. 8-)

Also made a file for newbies to just run '#read newbie" within tt++/WinTin++ to create their account quickly. directions should be easy enough to follow.
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Re: Blood Dusk Templates

Postby Ashteroth » Sun May 26, 2024 9:17 pm

I have a template I use for the status bar that I really like. It shows name of character I'm on, daytime, available experience and a very summarized but easy to see status of player and foe because of the color-coded prompt.

$x [&NP&n:$p:&NF&n:$f:&NU&n:$u:&NI&n:$i:]<&wPLAYERNAME&n>$a&n:$t&n<&r$N&n>[$P:$F:$U:$I:]:$l: EXP:$e ($T&n)

Where it says 'PLAYERNAME' is where you'd input your character's name.
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