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Badges and other Goodies

Postby Ashteroth » Wed Nov 06, 2013 3:16 am

Badges gave me this idea. Badges typically have a clip or a belt loop or something on them that makes them attachable. I don't think it would be a stretch to allow certain items to be attached to clothing. Not attached to metal, unless it would make sense too. The badge for instance could be slid onto a belt or pinned to a cloth/leather piece of armor.

This could also open the door for an entirely different kind of item, items that attach to other items. Items that could just give a boost to courage, a single stat, create descriptions of players in the room, grant an obscure ability, enhance the piece it is attached too.

A draw back could be a very rare chance the item get's caught up in the fight and can risk damage to the article it is attached too. But badges aren't the only items in game that could be done like this. This could also apply to grafted items. Slots that are normally blocked by mods could have a piece of grafted armor. It's all metal being screwed on anyways. Backpacks could also go over cloaks, but need to be removed in order to remove the cloak.

Another idea came to mind as well, something that could give Ural greater use. For money or experience or both, Ural could improve metal items permanently. One improvement, and something incremental. Such as +1 sharp on applicable weapons (weapons with a honed sharpness of 9 or less) or +1 absorb to metal armor. -5agi cap on any metal armor, or add weight to armor but increase the item's balance attribute (+5agi cap +3balance). Nothing mystic like +stat or weapon use. Just something that would make sense that a smithy could do. He can already do the unique thing of fixing wooden edged weapons.
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