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Gladiator Improvements

Postby Ravel » Thu Jan 16, 2014 9:30 pm

It's the general consensus that Gladiator is a little weak as a main combat career. It works well as a support career but on it's own the skills cap very low compared to other careers, and there is a lot of them.

The idea I had is to allow a Gladiator to undergo advanced training. Gladiators can choose to undergo advanced training in one skill per rank, for a total of 4 skills out of all 15. What this would do is increase the maximum skill cap on the skill up to 80-90. This would increase the combat effectiveness of a gladiator extremely, without making them overall better than the other careers since most of their skills will still cap very low.

In addition to helping overall, this method would create diversity amongst each individual gladiator. One player may choose to become adept in block, nets, axes, and swing while another may choose shieldblock, chop, polearms, and trip. Being able to pick which four skills will be your strongest would allow for career mixing to be stronger as well.

What's your opinion?
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