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A New Class!

Postby Ravel » Sun Feb 02, 2014 3:50 am

I'm going to bring up the idea of adding in another career, a career that many have wanted for many years now. The Hunter.

Hunters pride themselves on their skill with a bow, cunning traps, and knowledge of poisons. They prefer to end their fights
before they've even started, attacking with their bow or catching prey in a trap. By masterfully crafting their arrows and
arrowheads the hunter can control exactly how they finish off their unsuspecting prey.

Hunter's rely on their perception for accuracy with their shots and strength in order to fully draw their bows. Agility assists
them with a few skills and the standard critical chance.

(Okay I'm not the best at writing helpfiles apparently)

The Hunter Career would be a four rank class, which primarily revolves around bow fighting.

Rank One:
Composite Bows - The weapon skill for using your traditional strung bows. The bow you use adds force damage to your attacks
which depends on the stone rating for the bow (40-stone bow, takes 40 stones to fully draw the bow). The higher
the stone rating the more strength it takes to fire and more force damage the attacks deal, probably a 0-3 range.

Track - A hunter prefers to track it's prey before attempting to kill it. When tracking an enemy your starting attack will have an increased
chance to hit, you can also fire it from up to one room away, but will be moved into the room with the target afterwards.

Tumble - Hunters, being agile enough, take time to practice tumbling away from incoming attacks when in fighting close range.
This skill is the Hunter's dodge/block skill, it starts by causing 4fatigue each time you tumble but the higher your skill
the less fatigue it causes down to 2 fatigue each.

Abilities: Hawkeye and Stamina

Rank Two:
Quickdraw - Typically when fighting, the hunter uses one attack to Draw their bow (kind of like whooping for a wardancer) and
the next attack to fire. With Quickdraw a hunter can fire an arrow, then immediately reload and draw their bow back.

Fletching - Arrow crafting. This skill utilizes plucking avians for feathers, carving boards for shafts and tips. The quality of the board
affects the sharpness and arrow's likely hood to break. Sharpness should range from 2-6 for standard arrows.

Trip - The hunter, when forced into close range combat, will attempt to trip his foe and fire upon his now defenseless prey.

Abilities: Circumvent Armor, Amazing Luck, Tireless, and possibly Hunter's Mark.
Hunter's Mark - Increased critical hit chance against a tracked enemy.

Rank Three:
Trap - A hunter can place down traps and then wait for his unsuspecting prey to fall victim to it. This includes bear traps, trip wires, and nets.

Poisons - A hunter is knowledgeable about poisons found in nature from both plants and dangerous animals. A hunter can extract poisons from
both plants and poisonous animals that have been killed and then use it to coat their arrowheads.

Abilities: Effortless Offense, Precise Shots, Brothermike Strike (or I suppose Disruptive Fire).
Effortless Offense - Drawing your bow for the duration of a fight, especially against multiple foes, is very strenuous.
Precise Shots - Options 1: Increased chance to land a critical hit with your fired shots Option 2: Works like immaculate precision for guaranteed criticals.
Brothermike Strike - You have the chance to fire a shot while on your defense. "You manage to loose a shot, stunning your foe." This shot catches
your target off-guard and puts you back into the offense.

Rank Four:
Arrowheads - A veteran hunter has found the usefulness in various types of arrow heads. One can craft and attach different types to their fletched arrows.
There is actually a pretty big variety in the type of heads to be used, and while I could break it down here I won't do it now but could do it later on
if requested. Essentially I'll be referencing this page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glossary_of_archery_terms

Abilities: Rapid Fire and Overdraw
Rapid Fire - A hunter this ability can actually fire multiple arrows when successfully quickdrawing an arrow. Normally the attack would be Fire, Draw, Fire.
When you quickdraw it would be Fire/draw, Fire/draw, Fire/draw. With Rapid Fire you have the option to Fire/draw/Fire, Fire/draw/Fire, etc.
Overdraw - Putting every ounce of strength you can muster, you overdraw your bow applying additional force damage to your shot based on your strength.
This attack would cause a little bit of extra fatigue.

Miscellaneous Information:
The hunter teacher would be Rann the Huntsman from the Fay Woods; additionally, in order to gain the fourth rank you must successfully track and kill the White Stag.

A quiver would be required to house your arrows in order to draw them.

Mainhand would be your bow, offhand would be your arrow.

The Bowyer in town would now sell bows, supplies, and have an unlimited supply of practice arrows (0/1 or 0/2 damage) since you don't start fletching till the 2nd rank.

Arrows have a chance to break when fired or blocked. This depends on the board type for the arrow and quality of the arrow when crafted.

Arrows can be retrieved post combat or even mid combat just like throwing knives.

Most of the ideas here were thrown out by myself, Hayate, and Jonan to be discussed and reviewed until we ultimately came to these decisions.

Really fond of the idea and I think this is a style of the class that could actually work in Blood Dusk. Please leave feedback, questions, or suggestions.
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