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Not Another List of Ideas that are Sure to Improve the Game!

PostPosted: Fri Aug 22, 2014 8:11 pm
by Ashteroth
New weapon type - Weapons that require an ideal stat that gives it extra potency. These weapons would be mostly rare, and one variation would be a dual-bladed whipsword. It has another name I cannot recall. This weapon is said be extremely difficult to wield, requiring increased agility as a sword with cords for a handle. The weapon is known for its sound as it cuts through the air and its deadliness at close and mid-ranged combat. As an example the weapon would require 40agility to use. Should the user be under that requirement a penalty would take hold maybe in the form of being cut by the blades or missing a significant amount. But if the requirement is met the impact could be interesting. Ranging anywhere from a high pitched noise causing fatigue/fear to a wind that causes unbalance or just additional potential to land a hit. There are of course many other possibilities on both spectrum.

New ability - The ability would render all stat requirements null and void. Since this would make sense in a mind over matter skill, this would work as an apoc ability. For instance a weapon with a strength requirement of 32 would not matter to the player with this ability. They could effectively use the weapon without being anywhere close to 32strength. The requirement could be offset by the amount of will the player possesses.

Account Experience - There was two ways I thought this could work, but I'm open to suggestion. The first was exp transfer in the main menu. Beside character names would be their exp value, which could then be transferred to another character via in-menu command ( exp waffles 5 pancakes ). The other was an auto amount of exp goes from all exp gained into a bank.The exp gained would be normal such as a blind old man being worth 10xp and being defeated would yield 10xp. But 10% of that exp might be added to an account wide bank making the total earned 11xp. That amount could be checked via in game command and withdrawn in game as well.

Matures - This is the most complained about thing in the game. It has scared off new players, enraged old old players. While it is satisfying when weeks upon months of work finally turns into something; new players aren't looking for that kind of struggle in a game they barely understand. Unless Adam Wiggins requested no tweaks to mature system, it would only make sense to tweak it as requested by the player base. Nothing major, no complete over-haul. A tweak to make all the difference would be to simply lower how random distribution is. For instance a stat with only 8 starting should very rarely ever have 5+points dumped into it. Unfortunately this happens regularly. The goal of 4 matures should be to bring a stat to 30, anything beyond that is by chance. One other tweak would be that players idling mature like normal. The tweaked matures would only affect those who are actively playing.

Re: Not Another List of Ideas that are Sure to Improve the G

PostPosted: Sun Aug 24, 2014 3:41 pm
by Helix
Matures, eh.. I go back and forth on them. New players shouldn't know what good matures are, so the probable shitty roll they get shouldn't be an issue. Don't get me wrong, I bitch daily about crappy mature rolls but I think it's sorta part of the game. At the same time, however, since our player base is so small, maybe adjusting it so the matures are greater? I don't think overpowering stats is a problem solver, but we also don't have enough people for those big group runs that go unattended for the entire version.. every version.---- or instead of this idea, possible nurf'ing to be imposed on top level runs until/if we ever get a strong player base back.

Account experience- Man that would be awesome and horrible. Something else I bitch about all the time is having tons of wasted xp on one player why others struggle to meet requirements for whatever. Sadly, I'm afraid that will lead to super accounts. (more than what their already is or has been) Personally I think xp transfers could work, made possible by the guru, but only from a different account. One player to another at 10%-20% transfer rate. Possibly offering a costly 'upgrade' from the guru to allow 25%-30%.

So now I'll complain a little:
Stuck skills, I know the enlightenment's are supposed to slow further along in progression.. but there are always those stats that stop moving, period. My example would be Maxing staffer out in a matter of a day, versus maxing r3 taoken out never. Or craftsmanship skills, Just odd that a craftsman with 40 intelligence isn't enlighting Rank 2 skills let alone r3. I know some previsions were put in place to prevent botting, but some classes really suffer and discourage further play.