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Maturity Tokens

Postby Ashteroth » Mon Oct 08, 2012 11:48 am

For an high amount of exp or monads a token can be purchased that can be used to force a mature on any character that currently does not have all 4 matures. The price would be fairly steep so only more advanced players could benefit from this. I was thinking something along the lines of 65k xp per token, or an octon. The matures would be just as random as normal. This is the simplified form.

A more advanced form could be increment in tokens to give a better chance at better matures. Ranging from 50k xp to 75k xp to 100k xp. Or 1octon to 1.5octon to 2octons. Each increment would increase the odds of a higher point count per mature, and/or help ensure the points per mature are more favorable to the starting stats.

Additionally this could be purchased from several different people, obviously only one, but there are several that would make sense to me. As a way to be slightly more difficult it could be purchased from the machine god, make it some sort of mechanical device and it works as somewhat of an 'impure' mature taking away from favor even to the point of being negative (which can be reclaimed normally). Could be from the tax collector, no back story or curse involved, just made sense in my own mind. Could make it something Lloyd can do, give function to him, other than a false majet teacher (yes I'm aware he has a quest attached to him as well).

Could be something the Guru could do as it would seem to fit with her already bizarre character type. And I don't remember some of the other npcs I had in my mind, but there it is.
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