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PostPosted: Sat Mar 16, 2013 11:38 pm
by jonan
well, regarding the 8th skill slot, I'm fairly certain it's not where everyone seems to think it is, since in a previous version, I was told a certain player found it totally by accident, and quote "was easily accessible, and everyone walks by it all the time". the location everyone seems to have been led to believe it's in, isn't traveled through accidentally(or regularly for that matter), nor is it easily accessible. quite simply, I'm pretty positive it's not there. if it is really there I'd say it's best to give up any and all hope of ever having it :lol:
That said, we could certainly use more obvious clues in regard to it's true location(maybe given through clues in conversation with the Guru?), assuming it truly is available to players at all(which i have serious doubts about).

I'd probably second Ashteroth's Gladiator Pit suggestion, but I have a feeling it might not entirely be possible. I would like to see some of his other ideas implemented though regarding grafted gear and mods(specifically the ones regarding bleeding), as well as an experience cost to force an enlight/learn(but it should be rather limited to maybe a couple times per rank), and maybe let the Guru handle that.

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 02, 2013 3:11 pm
by Ravel
Remort – To be reborn into mortality.
This option would grant a 5th mature to a character using the exact same algorithm used for the first four matures. To make this 5th mature difficult enough to obtain and make the players think twice before ‘remorting’ every character they own I’ve come up with a few guidelines to be put in place.

- To have the remort option available the character must have at least a rank four and rank
three style. (This doesn’t necessarily need to be r4/r3 but a specific combination or
possibly immortal review as a means to prevent a player from taking seven r1 careers)
- Each skill must be completely maxed out (Specializing cannot be done)
- Remorting will remove exoskeleton modifications(if possible)
- Remorting will drop demote all ranks (this is why removing the exoskeleton mods would
be nice – if you can’t remove the mods this would just add another major decision to be
made by the character)
- Remorting will remove current tattoos
- Remorting will restore your favor to pure neutral
- 1,000,000 experience cost
- A quest to be completed through the guru.

Allowing players to remort will provide them with a long-term goal for the characters they have that do exceptionally well. At the current point in the game there is one npc that is undefeatable by players - Szalotzor, the jackal-faced demon residing in the Northern Rooftops and a few others that are extremely difficult and unlikely to be beaten. I personally feel this is by a large part due to the size of our player base, it’s just not as large as it once was despite my efforts to recruit new players. Allowing characters to receive the fifth mature creates higher base stat caps and overall more potential while not being amazing -- theres always the good chance it’ll be a bad mature to boot. With characters having this boost it would make allow the creation of stronger opponents and areas to be both survivable and rewarding as opposed to a slaughterhouse for most.

Down the road you could even allow multiple remorts as new npcs and areas are added to the game, just increase the experience cost for the remort while keeping the same drawbacks -- having to start skilling all over again, removal of tattoos and exoskeleton mods. A second remort/6th mature could cost 2,000,000 after the first remort for example.

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 02, 2013 9:01 pm
by Ravel
On the same topic of enhancing our ability to handle stronger opponents like those found in the Northern Rooftops and Artificer's Tower perhaps we could take a look at altering our current "multi-char" policy. The policy currently states that players using multiple accounts as a means to have two or more characters logged on at the same time will be met with harsh punishment.

Perhaps we could change the policy to allow a maximum of two characters to be logged in and controlled by a single player at any given time. This would a) allow for us to have more "players" on at once increasing our chances of handling areas such as the two listed above; b) it would allow for us to synergize our characters resulting in more effective skill-sets; c) create more opportunities for roleplaying and faction business.

I know that a lot of people aren't necessarily going to be super excited for a change like this but I just don't see our player-base expanding to the amount we need without a change like this one.

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 03, 2013 1:36 pm
by Ashteroth
I'm not sure how I feel about a 5th mature. I think that certain things could be scaled down. The first part of N. Rooftops is one of those. I'm not crying 'it's too hard' but the equipment there is hardly worth the effort. Unless modded armor under went a change like I mentioned previously then the equipment there does not scale with the difficulty. Who wants to face the modded ape abomination for grafted equipment that cannot be repaired and breaks upon removal?

The diamond golems could be altered slightly. Like one per room, or only two roaming about. I hold Rose as being fairly powerful, and I can't compare her to the power-houses of previous versions, but even she with a large group cannot handle more than one at a time.

Back on to the 5th mature now. I think it is a plausible idea, something end game. However, 1million xp is an extremely steep cost. I'd prefer to see a difficult to complete quest with maybe half that xp cost. I also think the quest should be 'instanced' so only one player can participate at a time. Like the quest in the opium den. She puts the player in a type of deep meditation and tests their mental prowess. It could even be something akin to the quest in the opium den. I know players who have tried dozens of times per version and to this day cannot figure it out. So it would stand to reason that something similar, yet steeper, would have a long run before being completed by anyone.

However, it shouldn't be both ways. If something was to be done, a scale down or a 5th mature but not both.

About the multiple log in policy, I agree and disagree. I have a couple ideas regarding the world and making it appear more alive. Or not. The first idea is an old idea I had ages ago. Allow characters to log in simultaneously into a 'void' so they can combat each other. Combat would be auto only, and the command for engaging the combat would be simple, 'engage'.

The other idea could be a good deal fun, and make the world feel alive. When a player logs out, his characters are over taken by the computer and left in the world to move around. These characters could even show up on the who list, masking if someone is logged in or not. That could cause some confusion though. Certain aspects of these characters running 'round in 'npc mode' could be controlled by the player through the main menu. Responses to certain actions, words, events, gestures, etc. could make the world feel alive and give something for the players to do with their characters when not logged in.

When in npc mode the player alts cannot gain xp, cannot be demanded from by other players/player alts, cannot demand but they can skill up and they can lose xp. A player could set their characters to be aggressive, pacifist, cowardly. Aggressive would not make them aggro, but instead focus on offense during combat. Pacifist would focus on defense, and might flee if out matched. Cowards would always flee every chance they got. This setup should only be limited to alts who have fully matured and is well skilled to keep from every new character polluting the streets.

Npc alts could even be set to 'helpful mode' and will follow upon being beckoned and when grouped they will assist in combat and could even take some of the loot as well, just to keep it fair. To keep role playing a part of the world, alignments, factions, and even certain careers should impact how helpful a helpful npc-ran alt might be. Such as a follower of the in-game god would not help apocs, witches, machine-god cultists, or anyone who is genuinely evil. Faction alts would not aid other faction alts unless allied, but will still aid non-faction alts. Apocs are an extremely tight-knit group and may or may not help any non-apoc alts, depending on their standing with the in-game god. Alts who are not modded and are part of a career that hates the machine-god cultist would likewise refuse to help.

This could cause some strain on the admin team though. I think that npc-ran alts should start with a basic script, like something similar to Cyclone/Okhaz. Anything added as a response to certain conditions should be 'okayed' by the admin team before being implemented, especially talking responses to keep vulgar language under some control and idiotic responses to a minimum. The interface should be simple for those of us who don't know how to code. Could be simple as a command line like this: '[Alt's name] condition [event] response [command response]. Example: 'Pancakes condition see.waffles response say I thought Waffles wasn't an allowed name?'

The interface could even allow for very specific conditions and responses such as setting up multiple conditions and multiple reponses: '[Alt name] condition [event] condition [event] response [command] response [command]'. Or the interface could be further simplified in a menu style, much like character creation. At menu the player could input command 'edit [character]' and then be greeted by questions like these:

What condition do you want?

Are there any other conditions [y/n]?

What response do you want?

Are there additional responses [y/n]?

Condition commands could be 'timer [number in minutes]', 'look/look [player/object]', see [name/object/words/action], moves [direction], etc.

Response commands could be any command available in game.

Also, 'who' could be changed back to the way it used to be in the old old days. Where it showed the player account and not the characters. This would help encourage role playing and if the above was implemented then it would be difficult to know which character was under the influence of the player which would also encourage rp.

I realize the above is a very tall order, but it would certainly be fun in my opinion. Allowing players to essentially bring the game world to life, limited by only their imagination and of course some regulatory rules.

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 05, 2013 6:41 am
by Ravel
Ashteroth wrote:I think that certain things could be scaled down. The first part of N. Rooftops is one of those. I'm not crying 'it's too hard' but the equipment there is hardly worth the effort. Unless modded armor under went a change like I mentioned previously then the equipment there does not scale with the difficulty. Who wants to face the modded ape abomination for grafted equipment that cannot be repaired and breaks upon removal?

Personally there are only 2-3 enemies in the Northern Rooftops that I've yet encountered that I feel would need to be scaled down, and the Silverback Abomination isn't one of them. The Emaciated Monk, the jackal-faced demon, and possibly the lion gargoyle as well. But with the rest of the area Solo-able, the Silverback included, I don't feel those specific npcs are too strong just too strong for the amount of players we have.

Ashteroth wrote:Also, 'who' could be changed back to the way it used to be in the old old days. Where it showed the player account and not the characters. This would help encourage role playing and if the above was implemented then it would be difficult to know which character was under the influence of the player which would also encourage rp.

While I'm not positive, I'm pretty sure the old 'who' displayed both character name and account name and it was changed so you couldn't tell who owned which characters without interaction.

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 05, 2013 10:17 am
by Ashteroth
The ape abomination is only solo-able if he doesn't do the choke hold, most times. The houndmaster is cake in comparison to the abomination and can be easily soloed. The Lion can be beaten by a small group of average players, and the demon is completely beatable - just requires a certain combination of careers in a group. Last time I was around regularly it was fairly conclusive that the gorilla was more difficult than just about anything else in the first section.

Anyways, I already inputted my idea for the N. Rooftop to Zhu sometime ago. Basically requesting that the there be some separation in the enemies instead of them all just free roaming. The houndmaster staying in areas that pertain to his scroll tossing. The gorilla should be in the higher section to scale the difficulty. The hounds/sprites allowed to free roam. Something I still think is a good idea.

All in all, Rose and Ashteroth can solo everything except the demon and lion on a lucky and good day. However, the gorilla and the religious monk both pose a problem for them on most occasions.

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PostPosted: Wed May 22, 2013 4:02 pm
by nona

My suggestion is archery. Now I know there is a lot of difficulty with them shooting over multiple rooms. So I suggest we skip that, and limit archery combat to just one room, just like every other fighting style.

There is a very important concept when dealing with archery: Distance. So an archer can 'position' himself at a certain distance from his target. He starts combat, and the opponent will come running after him, while he shoots arrows. So if an archer stands at a distance of three lengths, it takes an opponent three turns to run towards the archer. The archer can 'retreat' to increase the distance. So retreating is a preventative defensive move. When the opponent reaches the archer, the archer has no defense whatsoever.

Depending on whether an archer is inside or outside, the archer can choose to stand at greater lengths. The greater the distance the harder it is to hit. Depending on how cluttered the room is, the more agility is required to succesfully retreat or run.

The archer is most benefitted by strength, perception and agility.

So that's for the archery part.

Maybe we can make dusk iphone friendly. Make it cool for the next generation of gamers.

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PostPosted: Thu May 23, 2013 3:49 pm
by Ashteroth
I second Nona's idea. Also, in line with the iphone idea, why not get blood dusk to run on Chrome, Facebook or some other medium with a larger audience?

Re: Looking For Ideas...

PostPosted: Tue Sep 03, 2013 1:32 am
by Ashteroth
Not sure if Ideas are being tossed around still or needed, but here are a few that might be relatively simply to implement.

-The ability to label any claimed container, or immovable item for that matter, within the confines of a faction.

-Faction unique Equipment. Items that require large amounts of exp to acquire, can be a drain on karma or wealth or both. Items that grant bonuses to faction members only, and become useless in the hands of anyone else. Obviously the possibilities on this are endless.

-Faction based 'totems'. A fairly heavy (I imagined 100-200stones depending) item that can be carried. The totems when place give special properties to any faction member in the same room. Lesser bonuses to allies also apply. The more faction members present, the greater the bonus. I also imagined the totems being based off the current monuments, but instead of enlisting units the faction members activates it for some kind of bonus. Activating puts a strain on the karma and wealth of the faction. A timer could even be attached and is dependent on how much karma a faction has.

-Default looks. Could be a standing/sitting positions. Body and facial features including varying hair color. Basic options available at the beginning of character creation. Advanced options via a shop in town for some coin obviously. These could be overwritten with written descriptions or enhanced by them. Not a requirement to complete character creation, just an option.

-For those who want to role play but are having difficulty: Role playing options. Could be options that are permanent if chosen that limit certain things. Such as being unable to chuckle or laugh, or limited to how often. Other options could include voice tones, randomly mispelling words (for those less intelligent) (e.g. instead of saying brimstone the game might change it to bremston, still recognizeable). The change in a word wouldn't be word specific but broad. It might switch around a couple letters, change a vowel with another vowel, remove a letter. OOC command for breaking character; instead of using 'say OOC I'm eating waffles' I might just use 'OOC I'm eating pancakes'. Options really are limitless, but some should be permanent and carefully considered, while others changeable on a moments notice, all being purely optionable.

-Exchangeable Ranks. Another use for the Guru. Allow ranks up to rank3 be interchangeable with a rank from another career. This would be possible only once, deleting all skills gained from the rank chosen to 'remove' and gaining the option to receive specific training by any teacher. It would also be permanent unless the rank was demoted along with any rank above it.The specialized rank would only acquire skills within that specific rank and would be trainable up to the limitations of that rank. The exchange would be rank for rank as well. Example: I would change rank 2 gladiator for rank 2 staffer losing all skills I gained at rank2 gladiator but gaining all skills gained at rank2 staffer. I could not exchange rank2 gladiator for rank3 staff, it would have to be an equal rank or lower. Also, all my staffer skills would be stuck at 50skill (once trained to max) and I could never rank up in staffer to achieve anything higher unless I completely dropped the entire specialized skillset and gained staffer out-right. I'm not sure how it would work out, but specialized skillsets could be used within the career that was specialized. I could use the gained staffer skill, sweep, while in gladiator. I know that is a cruddy example, but I'm tired. Before anyone cries out about a trunk wield berserker with 60agi doing a lavender berserk, taoken stances just needs to not work while wielding a weapon or shield.

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 11, 2013 2:37 pm
by Ashteroth
Another idea. . . .

Ruby mod. The player would have to supply their own ruby. The docnition would implant the ruby into the skin of the character and it would be invulnerable to breaking. One of two ways, it could be installed into any body part of the player's choosing, which means they get to choose what part of the body loses its slot. Or it is installed completely under skin leaving all body parts usable. I was thinking a cost around 100k. Also, it does not grant loyalty to the machine god's but grants a small penalty to favor which can be overcome, but not easily.