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BeastMaster and Animals

Postby Ashteroth » Sun Nov 03, 2013 2:33 am

An interesting discussion came up between admin and players about the power of BeastMaster and the the current balance of animals. I'm just curious to get opinions on this. As was the admin at the time.

My current opinion is rather simple. Moorhounds are obviously the choice of most BeastMasters. However, obtaining 3-4 is a walk in the park under the current system. I think 3 should be the max with the third moorhound being difficult to obtain. I think there needs to be stronger or perhaps more creative alternatives. The best reptile can be beaten easily by a rank2 - anything - and birds aren't even considered a serious option. Felines have some decent choices, but even the best one I'm aware of would greatly fall short of a moorhound.

Back to birds though, one problem with a lack of powerful avians is that it also spews forth into Witchcraft. Since Witchcraft uses ingredients from strong creatures it makes brews requiring bird ingredients difficult to want to skill since no strong avian creature exists anymore.

I remember in one old thread from the previous forums that requested birds swoop in and keep a blow from landing. That reptiles can act as a kind of shield, and felines would offer a kind of night vision if they were connected strongly enough with the BeastMaster. Something like that would make other creatures more appealing.

EDIT: Most of what said is probably understandable, but if I'm able too I'll edit this post to be more clear later.
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Re: BeastMaster and Animals

Postby Ravel » Sun Nov 03, 2013 3:01 am

The maximum for moorhounds seems to be 4, maybe 5. Last version with Rasputin at 60 bearing and over 60 in canine, it was a multiple hour long process to get four moorhounds and even then keeping them happy was near impossible. Making 3 virtually the maximum. The ability that allows one to even stand in the presence of moorhounds and other aggressive beasts has already been moved from rank two up to rank three, making the work that much harder.

Now I do feel making a feline, avian, or reptile as strong as the moorhound would invite diversity. Could even give each classification it's own bonus or ability it can do.
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Re: BeastMaster and Animals

Postby Ashteroth » Sun Nov 03, 2013 5:20 pm

Roo and I were having a conversation within the confines of our bed chamber last night and came across a rather interesting idea. It was originally Roo's idea and I've built on it.

It would require a complete revamp to how Beast Master operate. Instead of having multiple animals, give the player one animal partner of their choosing. Just relax, that one creature, no matter how diminutive would still be a great pet.


At rank1 the player chooses to use canine as their chosen animal and from that point on dogs would have a natural attraction to the player. The higher the skill the greater the attraction. So for instance, at low skill the dog in Lower Ravenfall will be attracted to the player. At higher skill level, other dogs will find an attraction to the player. This would cause the dogs to follow/aid the player around and within their area, but never out of it.

Also, during combat, the player's skill in canine will play a role as well. Other canine will randomly spawn, usually weak canine, but with high skill a moorhound could spawn to aid the player. Once the fight is over the canine wonders out of the room and is gone. If the canine dies, another one spawns shortly afterwards and comes in to the room to aid the beast master again. It would work similarly to Shil's skills as a beastmaster. Also, if the player has more than one animal kind, then a random creature from the possible selection will be chosen. Obviously, again, the higher the skill the stronger the animal. Bearing would also effect animal selection and even count.

Another point is that the ability that makes aggro creatures passive around a beastmaster would no longer be required. The higher the skill in a certain animal group the more unlikely the animals of that kind will not attack. But the ability may still be desirable for anyone not wanting more than one or two animal types.

The Pet:

The player would be allowed one regular pet at a time. The pet, no matter how weak, would become just as useful as nearly any other pet. Obviously, certain pets will be stronger. But the main idea was to allow the pet to level the longer it lived, the harder the fights it survived, and to even allow the player to 'dress' it with certain items. Small things that would make sense. A dog isn't going to parade around in silverchained armor.

The proposal would fix the current issues with creature selection, and open the choice dramatically. It would also limit the player to one potentially powerful creature, with the aid of one or two randomly spawned creatures. The greater the bearing of the beast master the more powerful the actual pet will become.


Death would work on a different level than the current system. The less skilled pet would die like normal, but the more seasoned pet would become doubled over in pain. Eventually and I mean, eventually, the pet would only become capable of being defeated, but not killed. - It was either that or another new R4 ability that would prevent pet death.

Well that is pretty much it.
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