Defeat of the Machine-God!

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Defeat of the Machine-God!

Postby Ashteroth » Wed Apr 11, 2012 12:45 pm

I walked in, determined to see that treacherous god bow before me! It was he who made me into the creature I am now, half machine half witch. . .And the audacity of him to create that abomination, posed to replace his followers as the perfect blend of machine and flesh! How quickly he has forgotten us, the ones whom willingly gave up our lives to him - but no more!

I cast the room in darkness before Aszmiras could respond, and set upon myself a cloak of blackness to disguise my figure amongst the dark depths of the room, and as my eyes blazed with green fumes I quickly dealt with the half machine who stood between I and the god. The abomination fell too quickly to derive any ounce of pleasure from his suffering and there stood the machine god, composed, his eyes difficult to see past the child-face bolted into his head. Yet I was sure that there within them was great fear of the unknown.

I move toward the machine god and raised my god-crafted ax to cut him down, and to my surprise the machine god brought out his rapier and dodged my cleave! I reeled at the possibility, surely he could not see me! No, it must be the sound of my ax flying through the air that gave me away. Despite my hatred for him, I could not deny his talent as a warrior, but could he survive the powers of black magic? Something I would put to the test.

I brought out a vial of bubbling green liquid of the likes that would send him sprawling in pain. I did not have much time, for the machine god was soon upon me again and I let the bottle fly from my fingertips and break upon his body, splashing him with the contents therein; it caused him to stop just long enough for me to chant, 'The teeth of acid shall bite Aszmiras!'. I grinned at my victory, but the magic did not take hold as expected. I could see the acid eating at his skin, but he continued at me with such ferocity that I barely reacted in time!

The battle would be far longer than anticipated, and it raged on for several hours. Exhausted, muscles aching and I felt as if I could faint when I tossed what I had hoped to be my final vial of acid bite. Surely, he could not take much more than this. He had barely caused scratches to me, tarnishing only my steel mask, but the fight had taken its toll on me none the less, and I knew it must end quickly or I'd be the one bowing before him once again. . .

I chanted acid bite against the fiend who at first seemed untouched by it, as if suddenly guarded by the potency of its power when he raised his rapier before me and just as he was about to run me through the bite took hold. Powerful it was, causing Aszmiras to drop to his knees in pain. He could no longer contain it, the damage he had suffered finally realized by his body and the fight was over.

I placed my foot upon his chest to knock him down, and bellow my cry of victory when suddenly, like the dying flame brought back to life he sprang up nearly toppling me over and the fight raged on again! I could not believe his constitution, he had certainly earned the right of his god-ship! However, I, a mere mortal would bring an end, and show that this god does bleed! Black magic had helped me here, but it would be my ax that brought him down!

I was a true witch, but within was the beating heart of a warrior, powerful and raging! The true heart of a berserker, and it was with that that I put down my remaining vile of acid bite and leaped into the air, ax over head! The machine god attempted to dodge, but atlas the fatigue of battle had worn him as well! The ax, mighty and perfect came thundering down into my opponent; and despite all of his strength, and power Aszmiras the machine god had meant his match.

To my surprise he was still alive as such a blow would have brought an end to any lesser being. The machine god then did something unexpected, he unbolted the child-face mask from his head and offered it up to me in hopes that I would spare his life. Against my better judgement, I took the faceplate from him and held it high above me, bellowing in victory and the machine god crumpled in shame. I looked down on him, and felt pity for the being and without another word I left, the darkness shrouding it leaving with me.

Note: Its a silly story for my victory, but it was fun to write anyways, heh.

[Aszmiras cannot stand the pain anymore, and doubles over in agony!
You move in to finish off Aszmiras...
You bellow a victory-cry as Aszmiras begs for mercy.
You have defeated Aszmiras!
You gain 7000 experience points.
The town crier shouts, 'Aszmiras has fallen victim to Ashteroth's mighty axe.'
His white robes are clean and simple, standing in sharp contrast to the metal furnishings surrounding him. His young face is creased with a slight smile and his soft eyes have
a knowing quality to them.
Pain: extremely high

Aszmiras is using:
<screwed onto head> a crystal-eyed silver child's face
<worn as shield> a shoddy bronze shield
<in primary hand> a shoddy steel rapier]
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