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New Version Ideas

Postby Ravel » Mon Oct 14, 2013 3:23 am

With a new version fast approaching I think now would be a good time to throw out a bunch of ideas that, I at least, think would be great additions.

1. Roleplaying. I think with the new version starting it would be a great time to start roleplaying again -- not just myself but everyone participating. To help encourage it a new chat channel could be made as the dedicated Out Of Character (OOC) channel such as a new psygem. I believe everyone roleplaying again will make the game more engaging as a whole, though if no one else agrees then we can just continue as is. For the new psygem it could be a topaz anklet for example. This anklet would load in the chest where you currently find the ruby. The ruby psygem now loads on the sailor Henric tells you to attack which will introduce demanding to the game sooner. All newbie notes would need to be updated of course.

2. An overhaul of psygems, everything from new psygems to dedicated Out of Character psygems. Players will be able to find gems throughout the world; be it from the mines or even ratface. They can then take these gems to Devinca and pay her to craft it into a psygem. These psygems can be made into any jewelry/accessory slot -- necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, or anklets. Psygems jewelry will be generic so as to not be restrictive. You can also have psygems embedded into exoskeleton modifications from the docnition. New gems could be added such as sapphires, topaz, amethyst, diamonds to add to the variety of channels. Having Devinca make a psygem piece for you will be priced based on the rarity of the gem and the type of jewelry.

3. Weekly events. Now I'm sure the admins don't really want to moderate events every single week, we all have lives. What I'm thinking is more of dedicated weekly events. The events will be the same each week, but it's something that will really bring in some content to the game and help keep the players entertained and busy. I've come up with two events currently, thought the goal would be 7 events -- one for each day. Events will grant rewards whether it's experience, money, tokens that you can trade into the admins for items, enlights, etc.

Prison Riot -- Every Sunday sometime during 5pm-7pm EST the jailhouse inmates will riot and attempt to escape. It would start with a jailer going into one of the upper-level cells and getting jumped, the inmates take the keys and start freeing the other inmates. Now when the riot starts the desk guard will shout about the riot or maybe a bell from the clocktower can sound to alert the players they need to help out. Now this event could have better rewards in one of two ways -- the faster you end the riot the better the rewards, or the harder the opponents (Lower-level vs upper-level) you subdue the better the rewards.

Siege of the Cathedral (Some may remember this happening once before) -- Every Tuesday somtime during 5pm-7pm EST Apoc's storm the city with the intention of bringing down the cathedral. Roleplaying will also have a large role in this event. The goal is to hold the Apoc's at bay and keep the citizens and cathedral alive. If you fail we lose the good father Dalesius for awhile so he can heal at the hospital and the faction is raided by the apocs. Now if you're character is an apoc you can actually act as a general for siege. Depending on your character's rank npc apocs will follow you and assist you as you head for the Cathedral. If you're r2 or higher white robed apocs will follow you, if you're r3 or higher grey robed apocs will follow you, if you're r4 then dark robed apocs will follow you, black robed apocs will never follow as they themselves are generals. If your character is an apoc and you help defeat the siege you are excommunicated.

These are just two ideas I've come up with so far for events that could take place.

4. A New Class - Jeweler. The jeweler class would be able to make accessories such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, and anklets. These pieces of jewelry would even be stampable with runeshards much like the craftsmanship class. A few reasons to keep this class separate from crafters are as follows. First, the crafting class is already rather bogged down with a lot of skills and variety. Second, jewelers would be able to repair equipment that crafters cannot such as gems and smaller pieces of metal like the studs found in studded leather.

Skills could include gem cutting, polish, runelore, smelt, gem setting.

In order to cut a specific gem (such as ruby) you'll have to set a ruby into your tools. All gems provide a stat or trait, ruby could be strength, opal courage, diamonds agility, whatever it may be. In addition to the base trait one rune can be added to a jewelry piece, the runes used will be the same from craftsmanship though the stat they provide will/can have a different effect. Clarity would be +perception, grace +endurance to name a few; while things like might would still be strength.

5. Bringing back the auctioneer. I'm sure others will agree that would be great to have a way to sell items to players again as well as be able to buy back items that are demanded from npcs.

6. Fix Ural. Please... fix Ural.

7. Fixing current and adding in quests. There is a pretty large lack of quests in the game, and the ones that exist don't work or have been removed. Quests would be once per character but still add a lot of depth.

8. Allow Lycanthropy to be cured. It could be if a character has turned and are killed as the werewolf they are cured. It could be if the werewolf who turned you is killed you are cured. It could be if Lord Wolfax is slain all werewolves are cured. I don't care how it works, but having a cure would be great.

9. The addition of things such as cooking, campfires, hunting, skinning, and other such out of combat 'skills' wouldn't be unwanted, though it's currently low on my list.

10. Stealing from shop keepers. I think it would be nice to actually allow stealthers the ability to steal from the town's shops. Of course failure would be having city guards attack you on sight and if you lose you get taken to jail and have to pay a fine or be broken out.

Please leave feedback and add in your own ideas, would love to have them.
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Re: New Version Ideas

Postby fjaln » Mon Oct 14, 2013 3:44 am

My two quartz:

1. I'm all for role-playing so long as RP is encouraged but not 'enforced' in such a way that it detracts from the enjoyment of the game.

2. Love the idea.

3. Events always add to the enjoyment of any MUD. Automated events especially so as players can count on them happening and admin need not divert their attention from doing adminy things. My only concern with the proposed times for these events is that i wouldn't actually be able to take part. :|

4. Interesting idea.

5. Yes

6. Please!

7. Quests would be great. But considering that even adding a few would be no small undertaking i don't anticipate there being a large number of these quests. Perhaps instead of a 'once per character' limit, make it a 'once daily' limit. Or some such.

8. Haven't experienced the 'joys' of lycanthropy but I can imagine a cure would be desirable.

9. Non-Combat 'flavour' skills always add a welcome level of depth and immersion to any rpg.
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Re: New Version Ideas

Postby Ashteroth » Mon Oct 14, 2013 10:34 am

I'm in favor of most of these ideas. Also give the jeweler the ability to fix gems. I agree with Fjan about the quest system.
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Re: New Version Ideas

Postby Arslajin » Mon Oct 14, 2013 7:17 pm

Bringing back the auctioneer. I'm sure others will agree that would be great to have a way to sell items to players again as well as be able to buy back items that are demanded from npcs.

Oh, the irony.

Fix Ural. Please... fix Ural.

These are both things that will probably be addressed. The rest of the list, probably not. Adding more psygems isn't necessary (there's already like a psygem channel per player most times and only one is ever used) and roleplay won't be enforced on any channel. The idea of automated quests may sound good and all, unless you understand the resources required (code, time, testing) and that the ideas listed can essentially just be automated by you guys (invade the jail and monastery).

If you guys really want to have these types of events, why not join factions or something and invade/attack each other? I think there's a lot of fun lost in everyone being reluctant/afraid to PK. I understand that it's much more difficult with a smaller playerbase, but this type of gameplay hasn't been explored on Dusk in years, even when numbers have been higher. If anyone has ideas that they think will help encourage those activities, I'm all ears (or eyes I guess, in this case).

PS - Please don't post in other threads to announce that you posted a thread -- the existence of the thread is plenty announcement enough.
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Re: New Version Ideas

Postby Ravel » Wed Oct 16, 2013 2:19 am

Faction Ideas:

1. Characters whose factions are warring cannot be in the same group or follow each other, they may both follow a third-party no problem but can still not be grouped together.

2. A faction can place it's guards into another's house as long as the two are allied. If the alliance is ended the guards are moved to off property much like when a player attempts to log into a room that has since been claimed by a faction.

3. Order guards to attack players from enemy factions/guards won't flee from a fight on warring faction grounds. This means a player can get X amount of guards to follow him, break into a warring faction's house and actually fight them but you're still limited to by the amount you can get to follow you.

4. Fix the trapmaster statue, then allow players to trap enemy houses.

5. Make cauldrons purchasable.

6. Make the marble fountains water sources.

7. Make it possible to deactivate monuments without removing them from property.

8. Bring back the ability to place seals in rooms other than houses so that players can create hiding spots and other such things. Could block off shop keepers, loot rooms, etc.

9. Create a way to remove/demote other leaders. Could have it be on a voting system of all the leaders, requires a majority vote.

10. Allow the ability to create/buy hidden doors or chests. Such items would have to be placed in a room with a description that would help other players discover the secret but not have to be dead obvious. "The hall comes to an abrupt end. A large, woven tapestry spans the entire south wall embroidered with the Sigil of Taciturn Syndicate." Move Tapestry and boom, another room to the south.

11. Grant bonuses for stealing titles. A stolen war-chest could provide better wealth, or slightly reduced karma cost, something to make it useful to steal as opposed to smashing them.

12. Variety of storage containers. Perhaps let us buy shelving for rooms to display our treasures, purchase cabinets instead of always stealing them, armor and weapon racks. These are all decorative containers and would not accumulate wealth.

13. Enlisted guards who are ordered to guard will not block players they have been defeated by. We've already gone through the trouble of beating all the guards, they're intimidated of us, they should let us pass without having to flee them all out of the room. (This could be changed for other npcs as well such as the Widow)

14. The ability to alter key names and keywords, would require a small experience cost per key -- 500-1,000. Doesn't necessarily need to require approval.

15. Allow Deed holders to create a master key. Could limit the amount of master keys to the amount of leaders, or even a flat amount.
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