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Your character can equip themselves with clothing, jewlery, armor, weapons, a shield, and any number of other accoutrements found in the Dusk world. Equipment can be worn and removed with the wear and remove commands, and weapons can be readied with the wield command, or primehand and offhand.
equipment display for a rather humble character
Weapons have three stats which indicate the damage they inflict: force, sharpness, and unbalance. Force is the amount of damage inflicted; an item like a club inflicts force. Sharpness is the edge on the weapon; knives and swords inflict sharpness. Unbalance is the tendancy to knock your foe offbalance with the weapon's attacks; very heavy hammers and axes often inflict unbalance.
Armor has three stats to match: force absorb, sharpness absorb, and balance. Armor which is soft and padded, such as a leater vest, will tend to block force. Armor which is rigid or made of a very hard material, such as a chainmail shirt, block sharpness. Finally, a few items such as a solid pair of boots will give your character defense against unbalance.
The effect of your armor is not cumulative, but rather the best item for each of the three absorbs is chosen. So if you are wearing a chainmail shirt which blocks 5 points of sharpness damage, wearing other items which block less sharpness than 5 will have no effect. (The exception to this is those that have the armor use skill; this allows you to gain an additional point of absorb from additional armor pieces.)

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