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A faction is a group of players who band together to pool their resources and cooperatively face the challenges of the Dusk world. Factions can claim territory, build strongholds, collect treasure, acquire title-granting monuments, recruit members, promote leaders, enlist guards or other helpers, and declare an alliance or war other factions.
Factions can be founded at the town notary. Faction leaders can recruit, promote, and expel members. Faction members can claim territory via imprinting the faction seal, enlist helper NPCs from the monuments, give orders to enilsted NPCs, and place treasure in the faction storerooms.
Factions have four primary stats:
  • Prestige - Ranking in the faction social pecking order.
  • Might - The battle prowess of the faction.
  • Karma - Accumulated karma of its members, used to activate title-granting monuments.
  • Wealth - Treasure accumulated, used to enliste helpers.
A faction usually purchases real estate to use as its headquarters, and expands it using the services of carpenters, engineers, locksmiths, and trapsmiths. Combined with the aid of enlisted NPCs to patrol and stand guard, a faction can build itself a powerful fortress.
For details on the implementation details of factions, please reference the help entry.

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