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Skills Rather than restrictive "classes", Dusk characters have seven skill slots that they can fill with skill groups, ranging from fencing to stealth to witchcraft. Skills themselves improve with use.
Combat Dusk's from-scratch combat system is unique and complex, featuring for major combat stats instead of just one (hitpoints), fighting styles, dozens of unique attacks, knockdowns, weapons, armor, unarmed combat, and much more.
Character Types A listing of skill groups available in the game. Mix and match to create your character's unique career path.
Special Abilities Every skill group has special abilities available to purchase with experience at each rank. With dozens of special abilities available, this makes each character unique, even from other characters with the same skill group(s).
Equipment Collect equipment the old-fashioned way (purchasing it in a store) or the really old fashioned way (taking it from a vanquished opponent).
Factions Share resources, build fortresses, make alliances, and wage war in these player-run cooporatives.

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