Blood Dusk Helpfiles


--- Blood Dusk Help Database ---
Type "help <keyword>" to get more information on a given topic: for example, typing "help get" (without the quotes) will give help on the 'get' command.

The helpfiles are also browsable online at:

The following major topics are available:
Overview - Information you should read the first time you play Dusk.
Movement - Getting around in the world.
Communication - How to communicate with other characters.
Informational - Getting the status of your character and the environment.
Objects - Manipulating inanimate objects.
Commerce - Shops, money, buying, selling, and trading.
Combat - It's a big bad world out there. Be prepared.
Skills - Syntax help for specific skills.
Groups - Learn how to team up with other players.
Socials - Learn to express emotion without words.
Factions - Player-run organizations.
System - Account management, configuration, and other system commands.