Blood Dusk Helpfiles


When you first logged onto Dusk, you created an account. Your account contains all of your characters. The purpose of the account system is ease managment of your configuration (options such as color are stored globally for all of your characters), your characters are kept track of automatically (you can get a full list at any time), you only have to enter your password once per session, rather than once for each character.

Account names can be anything you like, including your real name. You may wish to use UNIX account style naming: if your name is Jane Smith, an appropriate account name would be jsmith.

Once you have created an account, you can log in, list your characters, read message boards, and configure your options. When you are ready to play, typing the name of one of your characters at the main account menu will allow you to enter the game. The config command is available from within the game to access your global account configuration.