Blood Dusk Helpfiles


Each fighting style has a number of attacks available for use in combat. Each attack affects your foe's health differently. For example, standard attacks (punch, kick, or swinging a weapon) usually cause pain. Toppling attacks such as a legsweep will cause unbalance. Intimidation attacks, such as an insult, cause fear.

When successful, attacks usually cost the attacker some fatigue. If the defense is successful, it will cause the defender some fatigue, depending on what defensive maneuver they use. Dodge is typically the most fatigue-inducing, with block or parry being less so.

A high agility is a great aid to a successful offense. Characters with higher agility will also find that they make critical hits more often.

Your attack is chosen automatically for you each time it is your turn to make an action. You may choose an attack in your current fighting style by typing the attack name ahead of time. You can also queue up multiple attacks by typing each one in succession, although you can only queue each type of attack once per foe. When fighting multiple opponents, you can target them with the

Note that other actions, including wearing or removing armor, getting or dropping items, opening or closing a door, etc will supercede your attack turn.