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A faction's most critical holding is its territory. It is possible to claim almost any territory, however wise factions will consider their land acquisitions carefully prior to expending their seal. Territory can be a liability as well as an asset; if the location is frequently traveled by non-faction members, your seal will become dirty and cost your faction one point of karma upkeep. Worse yet, should a person hostile to your faction gain access to your territory and desecrate your seal, an additional cost of 13 karma will be imposed on your upkeep. A faction member will be required to sanctify the territory before it is usable again.

Therefore, you should choose territory that you can defend - perhaps with doors, enlisted guards, and traps. Purchased real estate is an excellent place to start building your faction's keep.

In order to claim territory, drop one of your faction's seals (available from the city notary) on the ground, and use the claim command with no arguments. If the room is already claimed by another faction, you must first desecrate their seal. Seals are permenantly affixed to the location once claimed, and cannot be retreived or otherwise extracted once used.

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