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Strife is not uncommon in the Dusk world, and when your differences cannot be resolved with words, it can often be settled with steel. Combat is initiated via the engage command. The aggressor will swing first, getting three or four swings before the defender counterstrikes and takes the offensive. An attack from your current fighting style will automatically be chosen each time you have a chance to go on the offensive; you may also enter specific attacks by typing the name of the attack.

Dusk's combat has four unique health values: pain, fatigue, unbalance, and fear. Each of these numbers starts at zero. Each time an attack is successfully landed against you, the numbers go up according to the attack type. For example, standard attacks (punches, kicks, and most weapons) will cause pain. A legsweep or charge may cause unbalance. Insults, battle cries, or even a menancing appearance will cause fear. Fatigue is rarely caused by attacks, but rather increases as you defend (especially dodging) and as you execute your own attacks. Heavy blows can cause more serious injury.

Once your foe's pain exceeds their constitution, they will be forced into a subdued state. From here you can finish them off to claim victory, and then demand their equipment or inventory as the spoils of your success. If you are the loser of the fight, you will find yourself in a defeat state for a while. You may also flee combat to admit defeat without taking a beating first. Only sentient (usually human) foes can be defeated; most animals will either flee or fight to the death.

For tips on increasing your combat effectiveness, see strategy. For info about fights with more than two people involved, see multiperson combat. For details about the timing of attacks and defense, see flow of combat.

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