Blood Dusk Helpfiles


declare [neutrality | alliance | war] on <faction>
Faction relations are codified through alliances (should they wish to cooporate) and declarations of war (should they bear a grudge). On the leader of a faction can make declarations regarding other factions. Moreover, a faction can only declare its status against another faction if its prestige is higher than that of the other faction.

While in a state of alliance, each of the joined factions will gain a bonus of 10% of the amount of the other faction's karma. Enlisted assistants can safely travel to the other faction's territory without dirtying their seals.

While in a state of war, each of the factions involved will be able to invade the other's territory in order to wage battle, desecrate territory, and abduct monuments.

Neutrality is the default state, and should be used when the leader wishes to disolve and alliance or end a war.

Declarations can only be changed once every 24 realtime hours.