Blood Dusk Helpfiles


If you are finished by your opponent in combat, or you flee, you will become defeated. Unless you fled, you will first need to recover from the pain or other fallout from the recent combat. You will also not be able to move or execute any task for about ten seconds. Additionaly you may lose some experience - half whatever you have availble, capped by minimum and maximums determined by your level of combat skill. During this time, your vanquishor may demand some of your equipment, which you will be forced to relinquish to them. After that, you will be able to move again, but you will not be able to engage in combat for another few minutes.

Your memory of defeat by the specific foe will last much longer. For up to 30 minutes you will find it impossible to engage them in combat again, and if they attack you you will be forced to flee.

If you are the victor in combat, this situation will be reversed. You will be able to take equipment or other items from your foe, and they will be unable to bother you again for quite some time.