Blood Dusk Helpfiles


demand <object> [from <person>]
For a brief period after you have defeated someone in combat, you will be able to demand that they hand over any equipment they are wearing or any items they are carrying. During this time you can see into their inventory when you look at them, so that you may choose your spoils. Perhaps the most common demand is "", to take whatever currency they have on hand.

Up to ten items or up to the value of one diamond pentacle can be demanded, after which the vanquished will start refusing your demands. (Money is not counted as part of the ten item limit.) If they have some particularly valuable items, you may not be able to ask for all of them - so choose carefully.

If you leave off the name of the person you are demanding from, you will demand from the most recently defeated person present.

demand from tor
demand sword mercenary
demand silver.ring
demand all