Blood Dusk Helpfiles


faction [<name> | me]
A faction is a group of players who band together to pool their resources and cooperatively face the challenges of the Dusk world. Factions can claim territory, build strongholds, collect treasure, acquire title-granting monuments, recruit members, promote leaders, enlist guards or other helpers, and declare an alliance or war with other factions.

The faction command without any arguments will display a summary of all factions. A detailed view of each is available by using the faction's name as the argument. You can see your own faction (if you are a member of one) by using the "me" shortcut.

To become a member of a faction, a leader of an existing faction can recruit you, or you can go to the notary's office to found your own.

see also:
karma, vendor, claim, desecrate, sanctify, recruit, join, promote, expel, resign, activate, declare, enlist