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The last of the four combat stats, fear is caused by intimidating opponents. This can be in the form of attacks such as insult, or something more formidable such as the roar of a large animal. Some equipment grants intimidation, which will cause combat to begin with your opponent already fearing you. Other equipment grants courage, which blocks intimidation.

The infliction of fear is a bit different from the other stats in that it is not cumulative. Fear-based attacks, whether it be intimidation or an attack like insult, only affect the person if their current fear is less than the amount inflicted. For example, if you currently have 1 fear and engage someone with a 3 intimidation, your new fear will be 3 (takes the highest value) not 4 (which would be cumulative). If your foe then insults you first thing, and the insult does 1 point of fear, it would have no effect (because 1 is below your current level of 3).

If your fear grows high enough, it can inhibit you from being able to stay in combat altogether.

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