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flow of combat

On Dusk, combat rounds are longer than is traditional, to allow you time to make tactical and strategic decisions that affect the battle's outcome. Only one side is on the offensive at a time. While on the offensive, you will either perform attacks chosen automatically based on your current style, or you may type commands to initiate specific maneuvers. After around 3 - 5 swings, you will be counterstruck and surrender the offensive to your opponent. In your defensive posture, you will focus completely on defense, until you counterstrike them and the whole process starts over.

The number of swings you get before a counterstrike is dependant upon the relative skill of the defender. If you are roughly matched in skill, you will probably get about four swings. If they are far more skilled at defense than you are at offense, you may only get two (or even one!). Conversely, if you are far more skilled in your offense than their defense, you may get six or even more attacks in a single round.

You may surrender the offensive for other reasons, such as a high fatigue, the effect of fear, or voluntarily by chosing to circle. Also, if anyone enters the fight on the side of your opponent, you will automatically go defense (see multiperson combat).

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