Blood Dusk Helpfiles


gain [<skill group>]
gain [<special ability>]
The gain command is only usable while in front of a teacher. If you have not trained in the skill groups the teacher offers, "gain" without parameters will show the groups that they can impart to you. Typing "gain" followed by the name of the group will advance you to rank one in that group - if you have a spare skill group slot. If you already posses the skill group, you can advance in the same way - "gain" followed by the group name. You must have enough experience to advance, and your skills must be sufficiently high to warrant a new rank in the group.

The gain command is also used to acquire a special ability that is available to you. Use learn to learn skills in a group you already know - typically you will want to type "learn all" immediately after gaining a new group or a new rank.

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