Blood Dusk Helpfiles


A monument is a symbol of a faction's ethos. Monuments grant titles once they are activated, which display in the faction listing and offer bonuses and special abilities to all members of that faction. Additionally, many monuments allow members to enlist guards or other assistants, who will follow orders from any faction member.

Monuments can be purchased, but sometimes they are stolen from another faction. They are too heavy to be carried directly, you must drag them to move them from place to place. Only one monument may occupy a given location at once.

Once activated, monuments have a karma upkeep cost. If your faction goes overlimit on karma, your faction holdings will begin to deteriorate, starting with your activated monuments. Some monuments can be activated more than once to achieve a more powerful title.

There are a few monuments, such as treasure storage containers or the statues used to enlist workers such as carpenters, which do not grant any titles and cannot be activated. Treasure storage containers are used soley to accumulate wealth and will function in that capacity as long as they are on your faction's territory. Similarly, the statutes are used to recruit workers for the improvement of your fortress, and require no activation to function.