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The game world is divided up into a number of locations, often referred to as 'rooms', whether or not they are indoors. These rooms are arranged on a rough grid which can be navigated by six commands: north, east, south, west, and sometimes up and down. Usually your character can only interact with characters or objects in the same location (room) as themselves.

Movement causes your character to become fatigued. Your character's fatigue points, visible in both your prompt and your score display, will increase while moving and regenerate over time. As your fatigue gets higher, your character will take more and more time to go about their tasks, especially movement. At some point it would be wise to rest for a while in order to let your fatigue return down to lower levels. You can walk to save fatigue on moving, thus being more likely to arrive at your destination not completely worn out, or run to go as fast as possible.

Upon entering a new room, the room's description and contents will be displayed to you, although some things may require closer examination to discover.

Sometimes doors or gateway may block your way. In this case you may be interested in opening or closing them, and sometimes locking and unlocking them.

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