Blood Dusk Helpfiles


prompt [default | compact | verbose | <prompt string>]
When fullscreen mode is enabled, your prompt is displayed in the infobar between the mud's output and your input line. In non-fullscreen mode, it is used as a standard command prompt.

The prompt is highly customizable. You can build a string to be anything you like, or you can use one of three example prompts: default, compact, and verbose. You may want to look at these before you build your own prompt to get an idea of how it is done.

With no parameters, the command shows you your current prompt string.

Variables can be embedded in the string. They start with a dollar sign ('$') and are followed by a single letter indicating which value to use. The letter is case sensitive.

The following variables are available:
$n Character name
$p Pain
$f Fatigue
$u Unbalance
$i Fear
$N Opponent's name
$P Opponent's pain
$F Opponent's fatigue
$U Opponent's unbalance
$I Opponent's fear
$e Experience available to spend
$E Total experience accumulated
$x Room exits
$w Weather
$t Current task
$s Current combat style
$T Time of day
$l Light
$L Concealment (based on last case)
$d Wardancer offense
$D Wardancer defense
$c Discord
$a Anger
$S Stance
$R Newline (causes your prompt to take up more room)
$$ Dollar sign ('$')

You can also change the text color with an ampersand ('&') character followed by a single-character codes. The following codes are available:

r Red
g Green
b Blue
y Yellow
c Cyan
p Purple
n Normal (usually grey)
w White
l Black
R Dark red
G Dark green
B Dark blue
Y Dark yellow
C Dark cyan
P Dark purple
N Dark grey
Note that some of the variables (including health and exits display) change their own colors, as well.

prompt default
prompt $n [$p/$f/$u/$i] Exits:$x
prompt &gl$n&Rl [$p/$f/$u/$i] Exits:$x