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skill groups

Skills come in packages known as skill groups. You must gain a skill group before you can learn the skills it contains. Your character has a rank in each skill group that they know, starting from 1 (novice) up to 4 (master). You cannot learn an infinite number of skill groups; each character has only 7 skill group slots available. Each rank in a skill group costs a slot. Once all seven slots are filled, you cannot gain any more groups. You can always demote a group in order to make room for another. If you demote a group that is at rank one, you will drop the group altogether.

Four is the highest rank you can acheive in most groups. Combat-related skill groups usually have a matching combat style. The maximum level that any skill can achieve is capped by your rank. At rank 1 it is 25, at rank 2 it is 50, at rank 3 it is 75, and at rank 4 it is 100.

To see a list of available skill groups, see the help entry careers or use your web browser to go to:

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