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skills [<search pattern>]
Skills are very important for a character to survive. Everything from hiding in the shadows to calling upon one's deity are skills. The basics are taught by various teachers found throughout the Dusk world, but only real world experience can make the skill useful to you.

Typing 'skills' by itself will give you a listing of your character's current skills, beside which are their current ability level for that skill. If you pass an argument, it will search for all skills containing that argument. So the command 'skills sense' will display all skills containing the word 'sense'.

The cycle for improving one's skills is as follows. First, visit the teacher and learn the skill for the first time. Go out into the field and begin to practice the skill against targets of an appropriate skill level. If you attempt to use your skill against someone (or something) that is either vastly out of your reach, or well below your current skill, you will not learn much. You will see a message reading 'You are enlightened' when your skill advances. Eventually, you will stop getting these messages, as you have learned all that you can in the field. At this time you should return to your teacher and learn the skill again. You can also always type the learn command by itself to see what things you are ready to learn more about.

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