Blood Dusk Helpfiles


Socials are a way to communicate with other players through body language rather than speech. There is no help for the individual social commands; simply try them to see what they do.

The following socials are available:
accuse ahem amaze applaud arch beam blink
blush boggle bow bounce brain burp cackle
cheer choke chuckle clap click comb comfort
cough cringe cross cry cuddle curtsey dance
daydream despair dismay drool ears embrace fart
fist flex frown fume gape gas gasp
giggle glare grin groan grovel growl grumble
grunt handshake heel hiccup hiss hug ignore
innocent kiss knuckles laugh lick maniacal moan
mope mutter narrow nod nose nudge pant
pat peer phew poke ponder posture pout
pucker raise roll ruffle salute scratch scream
shake shiver shrug shudder sigh slap slug
smile smirk snap squee snarl sneeze snicker
sniff snort snuggle spit stare strut sulk
swear sweat swoon tap tear thank think
thumb tickle tug twiddle wave whine whistle
wince wink yawn