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special ability

Each time you gain a rank in one of your skill groups, you may be offered a chance to gain a special ability. These abilities are not skills and usually cannot be invoked directly; they are a bonus that is intrinsic to your character and may benefit them in many ways.

Abilities can be purchased with experience points at any time once they are offered to you by using the gain command. You can only gain one ability per rank, even if you are offered two. Once you purchase one ability, the other will no longer appear as an option. You may, however, have the chance to gain that ability at your next rank.

It is not necessary to have any special abilities gain in rank in your skill group. Special abilities are in effect all of the time, not just when you are using that skill group. That means that abilities gained from one fighting style will apply even when you are fighting with a different style!

There are hundreds of special abilities in Dusk, and not every character who plays a given skill group will see all of the possilibities for that group. You can only see two choices at a time, so if you have two choices in a given group, you should choose one of them before you gain another rank in that group.

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