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(26 October, 2013)   Welcome to the Ocho
Version 8 is here! For anyone who hasn't had a chance to follow the forums, there is a lot of new content and some great additions to the overall gameplay experience. You can read about many of them here.

(13 October, 2013)   The End is Nigh
The current version will end this week, with a new version beginning soon after. More info in this thread.

(26 October, 2012)   You see here the corpse of a lag beast.
The monstrous lag associated with getting and dropping items in faction territory has been eradicated from the world! We attempted to dissect the corpse for use in a nasty brew, but were only able to extract 1s and 0s.

(24 October, 2012)   New Area, New Skill
A new area, written by Zhu, has been opened. It introduces a ton of new content and has a lot of cool intricacies. Also, a new rank 3 gladiator skill was added, so check it out. Look for a related ability to show up soon!

(Jun 28, 2010)   New Forums
New (off-site) forums have been set up. Click the "discuss" link on the front page to access them.

(May 18, 2010)   Return of the Beast
Welcome back everyone! As a lot of you probably know by now, the server Dusk was using was taken offline and Dusk was temporarily sidlined. It's now on a new server, maintained by Arslajin. The current version is deemed 7.1 since it's effectively v7, but with an unavoidable pwipe. There aren't currently forums, and unfortunately the previous forum data was also lost. An announcement will be made here when a new forum solution is decided. Again, welcome back and enjoy! Thanks for your patience!

(Nov 1, 2009)   Go, newbs, go!
Version 7 will start at 8pm EST today. Enjoy!

(Jun 29, 2009)   Version 7
Development of the new version is underway. Visit this thread to stay updated. The current 6.5 version (see here) will continue to run for at least a few weeks.

(Dec 21, 2008)   Winter Xmas Games
There will be an event at 9pm on Christmas Eve, which will be similar to the easter egg hunt from last year. This is not the 8th slot event. That event will take place at 2pm on the 28th. Both times are eastern time.

(Dec 30, 2007)   Durham's Revenge
The new version (Version 6) begins tonight at 10pm eastern time. The time of the rank one brawlers is upon us. Read the 'Pwipe' thread in the forums regarding some changes.

(Dec 24, 2007)   Out With a Bang
Version 5 ends tonight! The world's critters are exacting some revenge on those annoying players, but the brave can come take their whoopins and join us tonight anyway. Among other little games and events, there will be "Deck Your Balls...In Machine-Mod Leggings!." Also, someone will be immortalized...with a statue in their honor. The fun will begin around 7pm EST and go until midnight, when death will be imminent, resistance futile. Don't worry, it'll only feel like an excruciating demise. Hope to see you there!

(Nov 28, 2007)   New Items
The newest update brings about many new items.

(Jul 20, 2007)   Server Downtime
The server will be offline for several hours Sunday night (Jul 22) while it's moved to a new physical location.

(Jun 15, 2007)   Server Upgrade
The mud will be offline for a short period this afternoon as Athelstane upgrades the server.

(May 15, 2007)   New Command: Request
The request command allows players to contact the staff for things such as reporting a complicated bug or to talk about an urgent need that's inappropriate for global communication.

(Apr 15, 2007)   New Combat Style
Nasra qil'Amanra stepped foot into Ravenfall for the first time today, only to vanish not long after. Her foreign appearance and mysterious disappearance have been the topic of many scrutinizing murmurs throughout Ravenfall.

(Apr 9, 2007)   Lurking in the Shadows
Mysterious long, ear-like silhouettes have recently been spotted darting in and out of the shadows of Ravenfall and beyond. Though the Capitol is skeptical, many have interpreted the creature as a bad omen. When asked about the subject, the wandering prophet exclaimed, 'The day of Judgement is soon upon us!'

(Apr 8, 2007)   A Successful Hunt
Thank you to everyone who participated in the Egg Hunt. Congratulations to Niun, whose 24 eggs won him a most-unique prize. If you couldn't make it, don't worry - informal hunts will be happening all throughout the day, so make sure to stop in and grab a basket!

(Apr 7, 2007)   Easter-Egg Hunt
Make sure you stop by tomorrow (time to be announced) and tonight around 6 PST. Goodie filled easter-eggs will be scattered throughout the Blood Dusk world eagerly awaiting your grimy little hands!

(Apr 5, 2007)   Tattoo Contest Winners
Congratulations to Heru, Stormy, and Chimmy for submitting the winning entries for the tattoo contest! Make sure to vote for the honorable mention, here.

(Apr 2, 2007)   Ode to Fyn
We hope you had as much as we had with you!

(Apr 1, 2007)   New Tattoos
As result of a sudden change in flavor, Dieva, Ravenfall's resident tattooist, has demanded her past customers return for a touch-up.

(Feb 7, 2007)   Expect an Influx of Players
A banner space was recently purchased on to advertise Blood Dusk. Welcome sailors new to Ravenfall with open arms.

(Dec 20, 2006)   Father Dalesius
A fierce battle was waged today in the Great Cathedral. Many of the citizenry took up arms to repulse the invaders, a rogue apocruphyc cult. Father Landrew was killed immediately following the attack by a mysterious assassin. Father Dalesius has taken up the robes in Landrew's stead.

(Dec 16, 2006)   New Areas
The Senate Capitol and Oceanside Bluffs have been opened to the people of Ravenfall.

(Nov 22, 2006)   Armageddon Imminent
Armageddon will begin today at 5pm PST, lasting until 5pm on Thursday. The new pfile will begin after a four-hour interlude, at 9pm PST on Thursday.

(Jan 14, 2006)   New Administrator
Please welcome Arslajin, our newest administrator.

(Jul 7, 2005)   Window's Tower
A new area, the Widow's Tower, beckons a challenge to the bravest of adventurers.

(Jun 28, 2005)   New Server
The mud is now running on a new server. Lag will now be a thing of the past.

(Jun 26, 2005)   Craftsmanship
Smiths can now craft armor and shields.

(May 30, 2005)   New Administrators
Tathas and Kushiel join the Dusk staff (which, up until now, has been just me). Please give them a warm welcome.

(Mar 17, 2005)   Berserkers
Berserkers get an overhaul.

(Mar 3, 2005)   Shoddy Cornucopia
Shoddy items appear more frequently now.

(Mar 2, 2005)   Crashes
The wrestler crash bug that has been plauging us has finally be squashed (I think). Thanks to William and Nicholaus for figuring out the cause.

(Mar 1, 2005)   Specialization
Customize your character even further with skill specialization.

(Feb 27, 2005)   Movement
Walking and running introduced.

(Feb 24, 2005)   Version 4 Launch
See the list of changes.

(Dec 30, 2004)   A Glorious Finish
Armageddon is now complete. Thanks, everyone, for making version 3 something special. The mud will be offline for a few weeks while preparations are finalized. Please subscribe to the email list using the box below to receive newsletter updates.

(Dec 28, 2004)   Armageddon
It's here! Log on and join the fun. It will last until Dec 30 at 6pm PST. Those of you who experienced the chaos, madness, and mayhem of the End Days on Dusk v2 remember just how much fun it is. Those that don't, here's your chance. Don't miss this one, because it will probably be a few years, if ever, before there is another.

(Nov 27, 2004)   Become a Builder for Dusk
We are now accepting builder applications. Hurry for your chance to become a part of the version 4 Dusk world.

(Nov 23, 2004)   The End of an Era
Dusk version 3 is back online for one more month of glory. Loot, pillage, and plunder like there's no tomorrow - because for the current incarnation of Dusk, there isn't!

(May 5, 2004)   Tidbits
Wardancer tuning; weaponry updates (see help quality); and a lot more that you'll have to discover yourself.

(May 3, 2004)   New Area: Glacier
Pack your warm pair of sock for this one.

(Apr 23, 2004)   Defeat & Demand
Group victories make more sense now, and demand has a new syntax which auto-targets your last vanquished foe.

(Apr 20, 2004)   Downtime
The mud was offline for maintenance last night. Objects on the ground were restored from a backup several days old. Characters and their equipment were unaffected.

(Apr 12, 2004)   Numerous Updates
Faction enlistee behavior changed to be oriented toward faction-to-faction combat, as was always intended; shop changes; and a new zone, Stratheg Village.

(Apr 5, 2004)   New Server
At 12pm tonight, we will be moving to a new server. The hostname will be updated to reflect the new IP address, but in case your DNS server is slow, you can use the IP directly: The transition will take about 20 minutes, during which time the game will be down. Hopefully this will fix the lag issues that we have been having lately.

(Apr 4, 2004)   Craftsmanship
The craftsmanship skill group is now gainable to rank four.

(Apr 1, 2004)   Fencer Update
This revamp for fencers is long overdue. The changes are drastic but I'm sure you'll agree that they make the group both more balanced and more fun. Happy April Fool's!

(Mar 19, 2004)   Apocruphyc, Titles, and More
Changes to apocruphyc regarding metal, and addition of broadcast telepathy. Three new titles. And as usual, a boatload of fixes and tweaks.

(Mar 17, 2004)   Faction / Real Estate Update
Lots of bugsfixes, ability to destroy and recreate locks, alter excavated rooms, and much more.

(Mar 14, 2004)   Stealth Revamp
Stealth gets a long-awaited update, with new skills and abilities.

(Mar 6, 2004)   Brave New World
Dusk version 3 launches today.

(Mar 5, 2004)   Armageddon
Repent, sinners, for the end is near! Actually, scratch that - the end is near, so sin your little hearts out. Beginning today at 4pm PST, face the chaos of a full-scale armageddon in the twilight hours of Dusk v2. Duels in town square complete with glamorous prizes, and full scale war across the face of the mud. Not for the faint of heart!

Amageddon will continue for 24 full hours. At 4pm PST March 6th, the last shreds of this world will pass on, replaced by the fresh face of Dusk v3.

(Dec 28, 2003)   The Future of Dusk
Dusk version 2 now a little over a year old. Dusk version 3 is on the horizon; please read this discussion thread for details and an important poll,

(Jun 8, 2003)   Jailhouse
Let it be known that henceforth that fighting, stealing, and public drunkeness are punishable by a setence in the city jail. (Luckily for most of Ravenfall's citizens, the jail is already full and will not be accepting new inmates.)

(Jun 3, 2003)   Witchcraft Overhaul
Witches have been given the long-awaited revamp. New skills and abilities will make the group both more fun and more challenging to play. Please read all the help files carefully as ingrediants have changed. The game now correctly tracks the relative power of brew components, greatly affecting the purity of the final brew.

(Apr 25, 2003)   Craftsmanship
In light of the increasing amount of object damage occuring in Ravenfall, the Great Smithy has reopened its doors to provide blacksmithing and other services to the city.

(Apr 14, 2003)   Beastmastery
The art of communing with animals was once known to the gypsies, but was lost long ago. The art has returned to the world of Dusk, though you will need to look elsewhere besides the gypsies to find it.

(Apr 11, 2003)   Count Targeting
get 3*quartz backpack     (I believe this speaks for itself!)

(Apr 8, 2003)   Wardancers
The first new fighting style to be introduced since the mud's inception nearly four months ago has arrived: wardancing. This style is intended for advanced players only. Also note that the help system has changed to only allow access to abilities and skills that your character possesses.

(Mar 27, 2003)   Leviathan
Rumors have been surfacing about a great sea-monster roaming the bay of Ravenfall. All residents are advised not to fish on the open waters at night, for their own safety.

(Mar 9, 2003)   Artificer's Tower Complete
The upper half of the Artificer's Tower is now open to players. Please be advised that this area is not for the faint of heart.

(Feb 3, 2003)   Athelstane Takes Title of Greatest Fighter
Some of you may have noticed that Athelstane has taken the title of Greatest Fighter, long held by the wombat that took it from Harkness. If you think you've got what it takes, you may challenge Athelstane for his title in the town square any night this week at 7pm PST. You are also welcome to attend as a member of the audience to watch these great fools, er, heros go one on one with a god.

(Feb 2, 2003)   Knifethrowing
The availability of knifebelts will make knifethrowing a more useful skill. Also note many small changes to items such as rebound and skull masks.

(Jan 19, 2003)   Brimstone Pass
Two new areas, both near the Brimstone Pass in the Nothridge mountain range, are open to players.

(Jan 14, 2003)   Armor Sets
Soldiers can use armor sets to boost their damage absorb.

(Jan 11, 2003)   Maturity, Taoken, NPC AI
The maturity gain system has been modified according to player suggestions. Many thanks to those who participated in the discussion. Taoken have some new, very powerful abilities as well as greater restrictions on equipment. NPCs will be a bit craftier in combat, so watch out.

(Jan 10, 2003)   Knifer Revamp
Knifers have access to some new, advanced skills and special abilities. This should make the group more interesting to play and more effective in combat.

(Jan 6, 2003)   Titles
Titles are now available, and may be bestowed upon players who acomplish impressive feats.

(Jan 4, 2003)   Fungus Cult
A new area, the Fungus Cult, is now open. It is rumored to be located somewhere beneath Ravenfall.

(Dec 22, 2002)   Auctions
The auctioneer can be found at the far north side of Forge Street. See the help entry on auction for details.

Some of you have noticed that weight penalties on weapons were not working. This has been fixed, you may need to adjust your weapon choice accordingly. Lore will tell you if your weapon is too heavy.

(Dec 19, 2002)   Artificer's Tower
The Artificer's Tower is now open. This area is only recommended to advanced player groups.

(Dec 19, 2002)   'Who' No Longer Shows Accounts
Listing of player accounts has been removed from the who list, to facilitate and encourage roleplaying.

(Dec 15, 2002)   Updates: Witches, Skills, Town Crier
If you have been playing for the past week you know that updates, additions, and bugfixes have been going into the game at an incredible rate. Some of the most noticable updates today include a revamp for witches, making them much more playable; a few new skills in various groups; and a town crier which announces significant events (use 'conf crier off' if you don't want to hear him).

(Dec 9, 2002)   A Triumphant Return
Blood Dusk relaunches! After two years of downtime, the most unique MUD on the Internet has returned. The admin has not been idle during this time; we have created a brand new skill system, a redesigned combat system, an expanded game world, and host of other changes you're sure to love. New players, welcome. Old players, welcome back.

(Nov 20, 2002)   Private Beta
A half-day private beta is conducted with twenty former Dusk players, as well as friends and colleagues of mine. Amazingly, there is not one crash! Numerous bugs, typos, and gameplay balance issues are uncovered. Great thanks to all who participated.

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