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Brawlers are rowdy, beer-guzzling types always ready for a round of fist-o-cuffs. They are most at home in an all-out tavern brawl, but their hard knuckles and thick skulls have been known to show up fighters of all styles. Advanced brawlers even have the ability to fight while completely drunk, making them an even tougher opponent. Brawlers rely on their strength and constitution above all other stats.
JabA quick punch to the face or torso. Fast but light damage.
InsultA little witty wordplay with cause your opponent fear, softening up for the physical onslaught to come.
HaymakerThis type of punch throws all of the brawler's weight behind it, potentially inflicting a large amount of force damage - but also may unbalances the brawler.
BlockThe brawler's meaty forearms are used block an incoming attack. Cannot be used against edged weapons.
Drunken BrawlingBrawlers enjoy bar fights most of all, and are quite often drunk during them. Master brawlers have the ability to fight even while highly intoxicated, making a drunk brawler even more formidable than a sober one!
(This is just a small sample of the many skills & abilities gainable in this skill group. More will be revealed as your character progresses in the game.)

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