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Here are a few of the combat styles currently available in the game:
  • Brawler - Brawlers are rowdy, beer-guzzling types always ready for a round of fist-o-cuffs.
  • Gladiator - Bred for the championship pits, gladiators have the ability to use almost any weapon or piece of armor.
  • Staff Fighter - Staff fighters wield long bo staves, with which they can attack and defend at long range.
  • Fencer - Skilled, lightning-fast attacks with a sharp blade are the halmark of the fencer.
  • Taoken - Quiet but highly effective, taoken fighters use their bare hands and feet as highly effective weapons.
  • Soldier - Soldiers are the battle tanks of Dusk.
  • Knifer - Quick and deadly, knifers fight with sharp, fast blades.
  • Berserker - Berserkers are a formidable foe indeed, feared throughout the land.
  • Wardancer - Wardancers intimidate and confuse their opponents with their savage machinations.
  • Wrestler - Leverage and close range give the wrestler an unusual advantage over armed foes.

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