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what's new in version 2.0

Dusk v1.0 went online on 9/28/1999 and went offline about one year later due to connection issues. At the time I had a host of new changes (including an updated combat system) that I decided to get rolled in before I brought it back online again. Unfortunately the demands of a company I was helping to found and other matters in my life kept me away from finishing my changes, and the mud stayed offline.

Dusk v2.0 launced on December 10, 2002 and is the culmination of two years worth of work. I learned a huge amount by watching the fallout of the gameplay elements in version 1.0, and it is with this in mind that I made most of the changes. If you were a player of Dusk 1.0, you may be interested in the following incomplete list of changes.

  • A completely rewritten combat system. This one has a lot more player input and a lot more 'stuff' that can happen, making it far more exciting to participate in.
  • Guilds removed and replaced with skill groups. I noticed that characters from a given guild tended to be all alike. This will allow almost infinite character customization. Special abilities sweeten the mix.
  • Instead of being knocked unconscious by combat, instead you defeat your opponent with a finishing move. This fixes a lot of problems with zone repops, gear looting, and is generally a pretty nice break from the kill, kill, kill mentality found in most combat-oriented muds.
  • Ravenfall is finally complete! Clocking in at around 500 rooms, this is probably one of the largest cities found in any mud ever. It's full of nooks and crannies filled with interesting characters and gameplay elements. Better yet, there are no blank rooms anymore.
  • A bunch of new zones. Treedwellers is out the west gate, the fae woods are out the east gate, and the witching swamps out the north gate, to name a few.
  • Although you may recognize many skills (now divided up differently due to skill groups), there are also dozens of new ones.
  • A newbie tour to help ease people into Dusk's gameplay. I think its uniqueness actually hurt the playerbase size the first time around in that most newbies were too confused to play for very long.
  • I do applogize for the extended downtime but I think you'll agree that the new game is well worth the wait. So give it a whirl, and let me know what you think!

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